"Around 9am, on 25 October of year 1988, when we were chatting around, suddenly we saw a strange light came from the North West direction.

After it came out, it suddenly become larger and larger, then it changes it direction from clockwise to anti clockwise. All of us were stun by this strange phenomenon. What was that? We all never saw it before. When I first saw it, it gave me a feeling that this is not part of our normal weather, maybe it is an unknown object or UFO."

This was the video that kept by Hei he weather center though out the year. We still can feel the anxious while they taking this video.

From this video, we can see that this is an amazing phenomenon. Sparks of light fly to the sky in a high speed, and suddenly spread in spiral form. The weirdest thing is this spiral change direction from clockwise to anticlockwise suddenly when it was spinning. This strange direction-changing phenomenon cannot be seeing from photo capturing.

"At that time, people keep discuss about this everyday as this phenomenon not only appear for one day, but it keep appearing for about five day!

People kept wondering is it due to the side effect of destruction of Russian nuclear weapons, will it affected out life. "

At year 1988, it is about to enter the disintegration of the former Soviet Union, and indeed the former Soviet Union had nuclear weapons disposal. However, the destruction of nuclear weapons is not to say:" Well this thing is useless anyway, why don't we just let it blown on the sky?" This is not the correct concept, as the power of the explosion of nuclear weapons is very large. If Soviet Union really did so, their people will suffer, and the people all over the world will not agree. In addition, if they really do so, United States of the former Western group will go through variety of detection means to detect it. The normal destruction of nuclear weapons is actually refers to separate the nuclear weapon into various part and seal it.

Now we can look back at this video, this is very strange and beautiful, especially in the ending part. It change direction suddenly and pulled out a beautiful tail. If this is not a UFO, this is just a mass of firework, you will marvel at the human whimsy, but this is not the flying device we commonly known to or something such as fireworks. What is this?

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